Protect your website from spam, bad bots, and all unwanted traffic.

WHY? A large part of the traffic on most websites is unwanted. Spiders, bots, and visitors from places not related to the object of the site are all potential sources of spam. The GeoIPShield app protects you by redirecting these unwanted visits away from your pages.

HOW? You are entirely in control of what gets blocked and what gets through. You can allow all traffic and block a few countries. Or block all traffic and allow only selected countries. Access rules can also be defined by IP, IP-score or user agent.

The GeoIPShield can be configured differently for different sections of your site. For instance, you could set up a more restrictive rule for your support form, while using a more open rule for your online store. It's easy to setup and the configuration is entirely up to you.

24/7 SUPPORT We answer all our messages and we do so quickly. If you contact us (link in the dashboard) you will get an answer within a few hours maximum.

IT'S FREE! For the vast majority of sites, GeoIPShield is free. We have a paying plan for high-traffic sites or sites that need more complex rule sets, but for the vast majority of users there is no fee at all.


Questions? Contact us at anytime at